Smoller Suzuki Piano Studio

About Debra Smoller

Debra has enjoyed teaching piano to children since 1993 and has been a life-long student of piano since childhood. She began her Suzuki training at the Colorado Suzuki Institute and continued with Master Suzuki music teachers from the Pacific NW to New England to Canada. Teaching piano in the Suzuki method has come very natural to Debra through humor, love for the child, love of music, and a strong belief in Suzuki’s vision that “Perhaps it will be music that will save the world”! Debra received a BA in Psychology from Burlington College, VT in 1987 and graduate coursework in music education in 1991-92. After 15 years in Seattle, Debra returned to Vermont in 2011 with her husband and kids (now teens, both raised in Suzuki music environments).

Piano lessons - ages 4+

E. Montpelier or Burlington (by St. Michael's College)


East Montpelier, VT

Vincent Flats Rd.


Elley Long Music Center

Colchester, VT